Montrims Limited is the sister concern of Mondol Group is one of the largest Garment Accessories Manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are nominated by many international reputed Brands through its quality accessories with competitive price. Also we are Oeko-tex ® Certified & Certified from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). For details please go to the Awards & Certification Page


Introduction Video

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About Us


 Montrims Limited a concern of Mondol Group was established in the year 2003 with a view to provide backward linkage support to the country’s bustling export oriented garments industries. Considering the structural and item wise various product range and production capacity, Montrims Limited is one of the largest Accessories manufacturing (more…)

Our Production Line

Production_PartnersSewing Thread | Woven Label | Main Label |  Size Label |  Poly Bag |  Blister Poly | Zip lock Poly Bag |  Printed Label |  Back Board |  Leather Badge | Stone & Metal Motive |  Gum Tape | Heat Transfer Print |  Sublimation Print |  Offset Print |  Hang tag |  Photo Card | Photo Inlay | Care Label |  Security Label |  Security Tag | Silicon Badge | Rubber Badge | High Density Print | All Types of Sticker | More..

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