Social Responsibilities

It’s about considering social

Ethical and environmental

Impact of our business


We believe that the real business quality cannot be achieved unless considering responsibilities for its social, ethical and environmental impacts for our customers, employees and the world we’re all living in. The social responsibility that we undertake is not about only compliance with the minimum legal requirements, it is about improving the living and working quality for all concerns by trying to achieve above the standards.

Caring for Environment

Using advanced technologies in all our production processes we’re aiming to take care of environmental concerns effectively.

Medicare Facilities

Medicare facilities like arrangement of a make shift hospital for the pregnant women, children and elderly people are already in operation. All registered people have access to qualified doctors and medicines for free.


Pre- schooling facility has been established for those who traditionally remain outside of formal schooling. 

Other Activities

Awareness building campaign and support:

  • to use arsenic free drinking water
  • to use sanitary latrine
  • to learn basic hygiene issues
  • for afforestation program
  • for family planning