Working Environment


Professional atmosphere

Effective and efficient management promotes a cordial relationship between the workers and management. Such efforts delivered a healthy family like setting throughout the organization. Meticulous attention is paid to the welfare and socio-economic development of the workers such efforts have brought us greater productivity and higher attendance and minimum turnover.

Fire protection

Safety first an adage we live every day in Montrims Limited. Fire is one of our primary and vital safety concerns. Statistically a manufacturing plant is always at the risk of catching fire so we have taken precautionary steps to prevent the loss of any lives in case of such an unlikely event. Our precautionary steps include training every employee the use of the equipment that have been provided in case of a fire drills several times a month without prior notice to improve the efficiency on evacuation in case fire.

Medical facilities

The welfare of the employees at Montrims Limited is an important concern to us that is why we have a team of professional doctors and well trained nurses at standby on the factory floors. The medical team stands ready with the basic first-aid kit and other necessary medicine. The staff undergoes regular checkups and the company pays for the consultation and the recommended medicine.

Dining & rest room

A spacious dining plus canteen is present for the benefit of the employees where they can get clean and healthy food it they desire. Lunch and snacks for the officials are provided by the office, a plan is being sketched out right now regarding full-time canteen at subsidized price. Rest rooms are also available male and female separately also prayer rooms are available for the different genders.

No child labor

As mentioned above no one under the legal age of 18 years is employed by the company. We whole heartedly support and affirm the National and international Convention and Programs for Children’s Right.